Is there a way out of this mess?

Are you tired of losing – of having that feeling that there is just no way out of your economic situation?  The feeling that you have YEARS of just scraping by to look forward to?  You aren’t alone!  I’ve had MANY people tell me they feel like they are trapped in a dark room and they can’t see any way out.

Maybe you’ve been to college, but now find that you cannot get a job that will pay both your living expenses and the payments on your student loans.  Maybe you even had to move in relatives, but you would love to have a place of your own.  OR maybe you are older and have worked for a company for years only to be laid off!  Now you find that there is little demand for your skillset or that companies seem to prefer hiring younger people.  You now face many years of earning far less than you are used to and there does not seem to be any alternative except sacrificing your standard of living!

Let me open a door for you in that dark room you are trapped in – I’ll open it just a bit – so you can see that there is light behind it – it’s a POSSIBLE WAY OUT!  A way to live life the way you want and put these problems behind you!

For all the situations I’ve described, there really is only one solution.  You can’t just get a job and trade time for low wages.  That’s just treading water and it doesn’t help your situation – it only PROLONGS it!  The only answer is to make more, a LOT MORE, for each hour that you do work.  Would it help if you could make $75, $85 or more PER HOUR that you work?  What if you could do much of that without ever leaving home?  Would things start to look better?

What if I could show you a way to start doing that within a couple months?  Even better, what if I could show you how to make so much more that you wouldn’t even need to work full time if you didn’t want to?  Not only that, but you would only work with people you like AND the people you do work with will treat you like an absolute HERO!

Sound impossible?  Others have thought that, but they let me show them what is behind that door and their lives are now totally changed.  They are making more than they ever dreamed they could and in fewer hours than they were working before!  The best part is that they know it will only get better as time goes on.  They have prosperity and stability in their lives!  

So Just What Am I Talking About

No one is going to pay you these amounts per hour unless you have something they really want!  What could you possibly do that would be worth that?  And not only that but, what kind of skill could you learn and start using to generate income in just two months?

What I can show you is a way to quickly establish a consulting business doing custom computer database work with small businesses.  Now Wait!  Before you think “but I have no background in that!” or “No way could I ever do that” let me tell you something.  If you know NOTHING about computer databases you may be just the person I am looking for!  

For more than 30 years database consulting with small businesses has been my sole income! My grown children have never seen me go to a regular job!  Think about that – I haven’t had a W2 for wages since 1986!  That entire time I have been working with small businesses of all kinds and I know the kind of people businesses are desperately seeking.  Here is the secret – they don’t want computer geeks!  

What they want is a PERSON LIKE THEM, someone who is patient and will listen to them and show them what the options are.  So if you have good “people skills”, enjoy working with people and are willing to learn you could be doing this sooner than you think!

Just a Few Months

Computer programs like the Microsoft Access Database, if explained properly, are understandable and usable quickly by people with no technical background.  PLUS not having a technical background is usually an advantage!  “Regular people” who learn to use Access, Excel and similar programs can usually communicate with others better and can think outside the box when figuring out how to use these tools in a particular situation.  

Anyone can take a few courses and learn Access, but how do you translate that into a business?  Everyone I have ever known doing this type of business has eventually gone out of business, yet I have prospered and, now that I’m retired from active consulting, many of my clients won’t let me go!  What did I do that was so different to achieve a stable, long-term business where so many others failed?

I sometimes even tell prospective clients that I have no computer degree or certifications in anything, but still I am the one they go with.  Why is that?

I don’t do any traditional marketing because it is a waste of time and money!  There are several secrets to landing new clients that I have figured out from my years of experience working inside these businesses.  The way I do marketing is almost no cost, takes less time and produces clients that will stay with you.  My clients, on average, have been with me for more than 15 years!  Also most of my business is unsolicited repeat business from existing clients!

You May Already Have Everything You Need

What you need are basic people skills and the determination to spend the time to go through the system that I have developed, then apply what you have learned.  Now you will run into things you don’t know how to do – but I have built a support system that will get you past challenges like this and let you share solutions with others that have graduated from my course.  You really will be joining a family of consultants that will also help you with your challenges and share the details of their successes.  I will also be publishing the details on very lucrative systems I have installed over the years and never talked about with anyone!  You will be able to download complete databases that I have used to create tens of thousands of dollars in income!

So not only will you get your challenges resolved, you will also have access to a searchable archive of all types of database systems that I have created and helped others with.  If you run into a database need and you are unsure of the best way to proceed, I and the rest of your consultant family will help you discover it!  You can approach prospective clients with the absolute confidence that, whatever their needs, you will be able to come up with an effective solution!

Take a Look at Access

Now learning Access is not EASY, but that is exactly what you want!  The best thing about it is that learning it is hard enough to discourage those who are not determined to improve their situation BUT it is also not so hard that you cannot master it quickly – IF you work at it.  I’m thankful that learning Access is just difficult enough, because it means there are lots of clients out there who will pay me to make databases for them!

Maybe you are not familiar with Access and are wondering if you could learn it.  Take a look at the 90 minute intro course HERE.  It will show you the basics and you will start to see why businesses are happy to pay for an effective database.  If you decide that it looks like something you would like to pursue, take two of my courses on Udemy (free coupons below) and go through them from start to finish.  Once you finish those courses you will know if becoming an Access consultant is something you want to pursue!


So I told you I have been building custom databases for 30 years.  What do you suppose I could come up with if I focused ONLY on building a tool that that YOU could use to quickly setup a completely functioning database? Well, after MONTHS of work I have just that: a tool that eliminates 90% of the programming needed to create a complete database that will amaze your clients!  And it only takes 2 minutes to convert a simple database into something that clients will be HAPPY to pay a substantial amount for!  And there is a complete DEMO of a finished system you can use to attract new clients!

The Two Courses to Take

If you complete ALL the lessons in both these courses, you will be ready to get started!

Intro to Access for Excel Users

Access VBA for Non-Programmers

OR you could go back to college for several years and rack up tens of thousands in student debt – the choice is yours!

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