Is there a way out of this mess?

Are you tired of losing – of having that feeling that there is just no way out of your economic situation?  The feeling that you have YEARS of just scraping by to look forward to?  You aren’t alone!  I’ve had MANY people tell me they feel like they are trapped in a dark room and they can’t see any way out.

Maybe you’ve been to college, but have now found that you cannot find a job that will pay both your living expenses and the payments on your student loans.  You’ve might even have had to move in relatives, but you would love to have a place of your own.  OR maybe you worked for a company for years only to be laid off and now you find that there is little demand for your skillset.  You now face years of earning far less than you are used to and there does not seem to be any alternative except living on less!

Let me open a door in that dark room – just a bit – so you can see that there is light behind it – a POSSIBLE WAY OUT!

There really is only one solution.  You can’t just get a job and trade time for low wages.  That’s just treading water and it doesn’t help your situation – it only PROLONGS it!  The only answer is to make more, a LOT MORE, for each hour that you do work.  Would it help if you could make $75, $85 or more PER HOUR that you work?  What if you could do much of that without ever leaving home?  Would things start to look better?

What if I could show you a way to start doing that within a couple months?  Even better, what if I could show you how to make so much more that you wouldn’t even need to work full time if you didn’t want to?  Two more benefits are that you don’t have to work with anyone you don’t like and the people you do work with treat you like a HERO!

Sound impossible?  Others have thought that, but they let me show them what is behind that door and their lives are now totally changed.  They are making more than they dreamed they could in less hours than they were working before!  The best part is that they know it will only get better as time goes on.  They have prosperity and stability in their lives!  Listen to what John Doe says about his experience:

“Testimonial 1”.

So Just What Is This “System”

Its a way to quickly establish a consulting business doing custom database work with small business.  Now Wait!  Before you think “but I have no background in that!” of “No way could I ever do that” let me tell you something.  If you know NOTHING about computer databases you may be just the person I am looking for!

I’ve worked as a database consultant for many years and I know the kind of people businesses are looking for.  I also know that what they DON’T WANT is a jargon-spewing computer geek who cannot communicate effectively.

What they do need is a PERSON, someone who is patient and will listen to them and show them what the options are.  So if you have good “people skills”, enjoy working with people and are willing to learn you could be doing this sooner than you think!

Just a Few Months

The big secret is that programs like the Microsoft Access Database, if explained properly, are understandable and usable quickly by people with no technical background.  PLUS not having a technical background is often an advantage!  “Regular people” who learn to use Access, Excel and similar programs can usually communicate with others better and can think outside the box when figuring out how to use these tools in a particular situation.  

But anyone can take a few courses and learn Access, what I show you is how you can fit into the marketplace even though you have no degree or certifications.  I will show you why, for this type of business, traditional marketing is a waste of time and money!  The way I do marketing is almost no cost, takes less time and produces clients that will stay with you.  My clients, on average, have been with me for more than 15 years!  Also 97% of my business is unsolicited repeat business from existing clients!

Everything You Need

All you need is the determination to spend the time to go through the system and apply what you have learned.