Is there a way out of this mess?

Are you tired of losing – of having that feeling that there is just no way out of your economic situation?  Do you get the feeling that you are looking at YEARS of just scraping by?  You aren’t alone!  I’ve had MANY people tell me they feel like they are trapped in a dark room and they can’t see any way out.

Maybe you’ve been to college, but now find that you cannot get a job that will pay both your living expenses and the payments on your student loans.  Maybe you even had to move in relatives, but you would love to have a place of your own.  OR maybe you are older and have worked for a company for years only to be laid off

Now you find that there is little demand for your skillset or that companies seem to prefer hiring younger people.  The cold reality is setting in that you now face many years of earning far less than you need and there does not seem to be any alternative except sacrificing your standard of living!

There IS a way out!

Let me open a door for you in that dark room you are trapped in – I’ll open it just a bit – so you can see that there is bright light behind it – it’s a POSSIBLE WAY OUT!  A way to live life the way you want and put these problems behind you permanently!

For all the situations I’ve described above, there really is only one solution.  Think about it.  You can’t just get a job and trade time for low wages – and then add another job and another.  That’s just treading water and it doesn’t help your situation – it only PROLONGS it!  Besides, how long can you physically keep that up?

No, the only answer is to make more, a LOT MORE MONEY, for each hour that you do work.  In your current situation, would it help if you could make $85, $95 or more PER HOUR that you work?  What if you could do most of that without ever leaving home?  If you could do that, would things start to look better?

Start Making More Money in Just a Couple Months?

What if I could show you a way to start doing that within a couple months?  Even better, what if I could show you how to make so much more that you wouldn’t even need to work at any job if you didn’t want to?  You would be successfully self-employed and, not only that, you would only work with people you like! If that weren’t good enough, the people you do work with will treat you like an absolute HERO!

Sound impossible?  Others have thought that, but they let me show them what is behind that door and their lives are now totally changed.  They are making more than they ever dreamed they could and in fewer hours than they were working before!  The best part is that they know it will only get better as time goes on.  They have prosperity and stability in their lives and they are in TOTAL CONTROL over their time!  

So Just What Am I Talking About

Now, as you might expect, no one is going to pay you these amounts per hour unless you have something they really want!  What could you possibly do that would be worth that?  Not only that but, what kind of skill could you learn and start using to generate income in just two months?

What I can show you is a way to quickly establish a consulting business creating custom computer databases for businesses.  Now Wait!  Before you think “but I have no background in that!” or “No way could I ever do that” let me tell you something.  If you know NOTHING about computer databases you may be just the person I am looking for!  

ZERO Experience = Most Qualified?

I know from first hand experience what I’m talking about!  For more than 30 years business database consulting has been my sole income!  My grown children have never seen me go to a regular job!  Think about that – I haven’t had a W2 for wages from a regular job since 1986!  That entire time I have been self-employed, working with businesses of all kinds.

I know the kind of people that these businesses are desperately looking for.  Here is one of the secrets I’ve learned – these businesses don’t want computer geeks!  What they want is a PERSON LIKE THEM, someone who is patient and will listen to them and show them what the options are.  

The bottom line is that, if you have ZERO experience with Access, but are good with people, and especially if you have a sales type background, you are far better qualified to do this than an experienced database programmer with no people skills.

I Spent Three Years Developing a System

Since I have retired from consulting, I have spent many months and hundreds of hours to develop a system that only requires you to learn a small amount about Microsoft Access before being able to use additional tools I have created to build AWESOME databases that businesses would be happy to pay you for.   Using my tools, a system you create from a basic database in just a few minutes will, right out of the box, address many needs that all businesses have.  These are needs that I realized are very common during my 30+ years in consulting – capabilities businesses want, but rarely have.

The best part is that I have also used these tools to create a sophisticated “DEMO” database that you can use to illustrate your capabilities AND charge up front for the creation of a basic system!  Believe me, once a prospect sees this demo, there will be no question about your qualifications!  The demo has many capabilities that people have never seen before, but they can instantly see how desirable they are and they want them in their business!

So Start by Taking a Look at Access

Now maybe you are not familiar with Microsoft Access and are wondering if you really could learn it.  Just take a look at the 90 Minute Quick Tour HERE.  It will cover the basics of Access and also show you what knowledge and tools you will need to quickly create a successful business of your own.