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bmyronMy name is Bruce Myron and I have been working with small and medium sized businesses in the Portland, Oregon area for more than 25 years.  To accomplish the tasks my clients have requested, I have had to learn how programs like Microsoft Access really work through countless hours of research, experimentation and testing.

Now that I am semi-retired I have attempted to translate the practical knowledge that I have gained over the years into video based courses.  Initially, I thought I would do a course or two, but student discussions and questions have led me into doing many more.

There is an awesome amount of power in programs like Microsoft Access and the other members of Microsoft Office.  Unfortunately, most people only use a tiny fraction of that power and never seem to get around to learning how to be more productive with these programs.

That just makes it better for those people who are determined to better themselves and their future.  I do not believe that there is anything you can do that will have a quicker impact on your life at less cost than effective online training.

So what do you have to lose?  All the training comes with a 30 day no-questions-asked money back guarantee.  You probably work most of the day for someone else – how about investing in yourself too?