Lots of New Jobs UNLESS You Are Over 55

Even though the unemployment rate is down and it seems like jobs are plentiful, things haven’t changed for those over 55, especially if they have been unemployed for six months or more.  Recent studies show that ONE THIRD of senior job applicants fall into this “long term unemployed” category, with an average time out of work of 7 to 9 months!

What makes the situation worse is that, once a job is found, it is often at a much lower rate of pay.  This forces people who often have earned a good living for years to cut back severely on their life style, which is often humiliating and almost always highly stressful.  As the size of the older generation expands, this situation is expected to continue and probably get worse in the years to come.

For many the only hope is to retrain and develop a new skill that will allow them to be in demand in spite of their age.  However, with education costs spiraling out of control, this is not always an option.  In addition the time it takes to learn a new field can make retraining impossible.

So is the situation hopeless?  Not any more because I have built this course with people like you in mind.  I do not believe that there is any course you can take that will have such a HUGE positive impact on your income in a shorter amount of time than you can achieve with Escape to Prosperity.

If you have no computer background or knowledge, but can think logically, like working with people and are accountable to do what you say you will do, then you have all the qualifications you need.  You could be making a full time income by working part time from home within a few months!

When are you going to take charge of your future and stop struggling?  Click the Book a Call button on the menu, select a call time and fill out an application – then we can talk about YOUR Prosperity!